My Travel Tray Case Study 

We were able to work with the company My Travel Tray via an Instgram message in January of 2018. We saw their posts and mission and when messaged we knew we wanted to work with them. Their mission is to help reduce distracted driving, which is amazing! We are priveleged to work with them and wanted to show you the process and some of the outcome of our work with them. They decided to send us two of their travel trays and we shared that we'd promote them to the best of our ability. Here is what ensued next:

My Travel Tray

We received the two trays on February 1st and immediately knew we needed to get rolling. We opened them up and snapped a shot to post on Instagram stories and Facebook general post on our page. Here is the picture! 

Here is the result on Instagram:

Here is the result on Facebook:

Not too bad! But it gets better. We have more posts and a blog post coming soon!