When Should I Start Brushing My Baby's Teeth? | 15 Moms Share Their Answers

When Should I Start Brushing My Baby's Teeth

We love doing a weekly question on Instagram! It helps us understand more and more about how others raise their children. Plus it helps the rest of us who are struggling with these same questions. So this week we asked: 

When did you start brushing your baby's teeth? And did you use toothpaste?

15 mom's shared their answers below! 

Karen Burke Says: 18 months??? That’s probably later than we should have! I use a tiny bit of kids toothpaste from Young Living.

Peyton Berg Says: 12 months and just starting to!

journeytosahm Says: We started when my daughter was 1 year old. We use a flouride free toothpaste and brush twice a day. We still do the same thing now and she is 2. we use Baby Orajel. Mainly because it has great characters on them to make it fun (and you can find deals to get it cheap!). She’s never complained of the taste.

adventuresofcyrusblack Says: Fluoride free toothpaste when my little man got his first tooth at 4 months! He’s now 1 1/2 and brushes morning and night. Still with fluoride free toothpaste.

arianadinecastro Says: 6 months and we just used the training toothpaste. She's 2 in June and we don't have many issues with getting her to sit for us to brush her teeth morning and night

msshay2207 Says: I started brushing her teeth the second she got a tooth. I did use toothpaste but it was organic and only about a dot. She was 6 months old.

nmitch12 Says: 6 months consistently on her gums with just water because I figured she would sprout a tooth soon. Now she has two little teeth and we're still just brushing with water... I have two boys, 6 and 3 and this is what our dentist recommended for her being so little. He also said occasionally to use a tiny, rice sized strip of flouride toothpaste and then wipe it away so she can't swallow... But I'm not too consistent with that!!

theameeraprimm Says: As soon as the first tooth cut! Fluoride free toddler toothpaste by Tom’s of Maine, safe for 3-24mo!

mommatomooreboys Says: I started late with my first 2 babes but started early with my 3rd..around the time they started to get teeth..I even flossed!..not every day but a few times a week!

salamandduh Says: I started brushing with baby toothpaste and just switched to one with fluoride now that he's 2 and getting sugary snacks at Grams🤔. Might switch to an organic Fluoride free soon

zombiemommiebrand Says: My son was a late teether ... so probably around 1.5-2 yrs. now we brunch every night. With @toms_of_maine strawberry fluoride free toothpaste. 😃

calamitycarrie Says: About 8 months with organic all natural training toothpaste

ballbeauti Says: We actually had the Nuby teething set, we used it around 4 mos because he already had red gums. We didn’t use toothpaste until he was 1.

hudsonvalley_rd Says: At 12 mo we started but we don’t use toothpaste

wiseowl_ack Says: Started with the all natural 🦉 baby toothpaste that doesn’t need to be spit out... can’t recall exact age though

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