What Laundry Detergent Should I Use For My Baby? | 22 Moms Share Their Answers

What Laundry Detergent Should I Use For my baby?

We love doing a weekly question on Instagram! It helps us understand more and more about how others raise their children. Plus it helps the rest of us who are struggling with these same questions. So last week we asked: 

What Laundry Detergent Do You Use On Your Kids Clothes?

22 Moms share their answers below! 

Jennifer Makayla Nathan Says: Arm and Hammer. Always gets the stink out

Peyton Berg Says: I make my own bc I’m crazy and I like knowing that there are no toxins and grossness washing our clothes. (Recipe site source: dwellinghappiness.com)

jessicanpatterson Says: Dreft or seventh generation. They both are fragrance and dye free and good for my babies skin 

dianaschlabach Says: Melaleuca laundry detergent for the whole family !!! All of their products are all natural and safe! Love that company!

picturealmostperfect Says: We use seventh generation, Norwex, and the FelsNaptha soap bar (greatest invention ever🙌) and they’re all fragrance free, gentle on sensitive skin and as natural as possible with still be convenient to buy.

bakers611 Says: We use Persil on all our clothes. It only takes a little bit so it lasts a long time.

msshay2207 Says: For my daughters clothes and anything she comes in contact with I use #dreftbaby It smells great and is a good option for her sensitive skin.

jkteske Says: The target brand of sensitive detg. No fabric softener/dryer sheets. She’s got Super sensitive skin.

michelleandbrookeshop Says: @bouldercleanbecause it cleans well and has just a faint scent. Plus it’s all natural which we love!

amyjill09I Says: use @mygreenfills on cloth diapers and homemade, 4 parts washing soda to one part bar of soap (I like using Dr. Bronner's Castile soap), on the rest of our laundry. I try to stay as natural as possible and cost effective.

lookachavarromamaI Says: cloth diaper and went through a lot of detergents before landing on seventh generation ultra power plus for the whole family. It’s on target subscription so I don’t even have to think about it 

momtogether@babyganics Says: is our go to, absolutely trustworthy and all the baby products are just awesome

akcoutuI Says: use any free and clear/unscented on all of our clothes. Right now I’m using Tide free & clear, but I’ve used the aldi brand, All, and arm & hammer. I have semi-sensitive skin and I know babies can have more sensitive skin, so I choose to use something without scents. I’m slowly transitioning to more natural cleaning products like Method and Seventh Generation.

theameeraprimm Says: Tide. One word: enzymes.

thegcap Says: used Dreft when my little guy was a baby because it was made just for delicate skin 😊

elaine_delpupo@seventhgeneration Says: sensitive skin/fragrance free

elaine_delpupo@thisishowwestroll Says: I was using Dreft but it made his Eczema worse, literally burned his skin. That’s why I switched.

mommatomooreboys Says: I like ALL free and clear ...I’ve used a lot and always come back to it:)! And i have dirty 3 boys💙

ballbeauti@mommatomooreboys Says: me too! So I can wash everyone’s clothes together

rebel_green@rebel_green Says: Gentle Baby Detergent! It's made with natural ingredients, #crueltyfree and USDA-certified #organic. No synthetic fragrances or dyes. Only the best for our babies! 💚

rebel_green Says: Did we mention we're women-owned by two moms? 😉

heatherbquinn Says: ECOS Free and Clear because the ingredients are plant based and its hypoallergenic

sheila_rosado23 Says: Seven Generation! I love because is natural and no scent !!!

sahmsg_jaimi Says: Thieves laundry soap because it does not contain any synthetic ingredients or fragrances. It is a plant-based totally natural detergent.