Themed Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

Easter 2017 Throwback

Easter 2017 Throwback

If I haven't said it before, I will say it again! I love gifting themed gifts! It is so much fun to pick a theme, and get creative with what items will fit into that theme. For Christmas, Collin's stocking was pug themed. (He loves pugs!!) One time I gifted my brother a protein pack full of literally anything with protein in it because he loves working out! ;)

Easter is coming up next month, and for the past month, I have been brainstorming what Blake's Easter basket theme will be. I finally landed on a Gardening theme! I am so excited to fill her Easter basket with gardening items so that she will be ready to help us plant tomatoes and peppers in our garden this summer!

Since I don't have all the items yet, I don't have pictures of the final product. So, I will walk through what items we are going to get for her and I will also share her Easter basket from last year!

Gardening Items Going into this Year's Easter Basket

1. Rain Boots. What gardener doesn't have a good pair of rain boots to wear out to the garden after a big rain?! This is when your produce is going to be ready for harvest and you don't want muddy feet! 

2. Garden Tools. We found these awesome mini garden tools that I know Blake will love! They are the perfect size for her little hands and she will love being able to dig with her shovel just like Daddy.

3. Watering Can. Blake already loves helping me water our indoor plants. She will have so much fun helping us water our garden with her own watering can. Last year, I remember her getting mad that she couldn't hold the garden hose to water the plants. This year, she will be able to water the veggies on her own!

4. Seeds. We are planning on getting Blake a few seed packets that she can plant and then watch them grow. We would get these anyway, but how fun will it be for her to think that she gets to plant her own seeds, water them, and eventually pick and eat them?! 

5. Gardening Book. You all know how much we love books! We talk about them all the time, so how could you not know!! A book about gardening is the perfect way to teach Blake about the concepts of gardening so that she will have an understanding of what it takes to make a garden grow. 

Last Year's Pool Themed Easter Basket


I saw this adorable idea from another mama on Pinterest, and I just knew I had to make this Easter basket for Blake last year. The basket part was a beach towel, and the handle was a pool noodle. Here is what I filled the "basket" with!

1. Inflatable Pool. Even though Blake was 6-9 months last summer, I knew that she would enjoy a baby pool. She loved her baths from day one so she is definitely a water baby. This baby pool was perfect for her to sit in on her own and splash around.

2. Water Toys. These toys have gotten much use over the past year! Blake plays with them in the bath, the pool, and they even made a trip to the beach!


3. Pool Float. This was great for when Collin or I got in the big pool with Blake. She could sit in this little car and kick her feet. It made her feel like she was swimming on her own, even though the float was holding her up completely.

4. Bathing Suit. This was her first bathing suit and she got lots of use out of it last year! 

5. Easter Book. Didn't I say that we love books?! :) We are excited to get Happy Easter, Mouse back out and read it here soon! 

Do you give themed gifts? What do you usually fill your kiddo's Easter baskets with? We want to know! Leave us a comment to continue the conversation!

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