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11 Moms Share Their Favorite Places To Shop For Children's Apparel

We do a weekly post asking questions of our friends on Instagram! Every Wednesday we do "Question Wednesday" a not so catchy title as Molly tells me. But we wanted to start doing more round-ups here to help show the answers moms are sharing with us! We hope they help you. Comment your own answers below! 

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A Dad Answers Frequently Asked Baby Registry Questions | How Do I Start a Baby Registry at Target? And Why Should I Do It At Target?

Okay, so this is what every future parent is asking, right? "How do I start a baby registry at Target," you say? Well, here is the low down on the steps you need to take to begin your baller baby registry and why you might want to do it at Target. Because why not do it at Target? They have Chip and Joanna's goods, they have Starbucks, they have delicious soft pretzels, they've got it all! So here is our guide to all that you may want to know about the Target Baby Registry Process. 

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