Skip Hop Moby Bath Rinser Review

I love problem-solving. I'm not saying I'm good at it, but I like finding solutions for things that I experience or others experience daily. I'm always on the hunt and thinking up new ideas for products, most of them are bad ideas, but some could have merit! When we had Blake near the Christmas of 2016, my mind started buzzing with ideas, and thoughts about ways to improve and hack parenting. But not all the ideas were things to create, some were things to buy or find to make parenting processes easier! 

One of the problems that we faced was during bath time when rinsing off Blake’s head after getting it all soaped up. We have an excellent pouring rinser, but it is just that. It poured, and it rinsed, and there wasn't anything special about it. So every time we rinsed Blake's head the water poured into her eyes, despite our best efforts at holding our hand or a washcloth to block it. So I began my hunt for something that would help us make bath rinsing a more enjoyable process for Blake.

Luckily enough, a few days after I concluded a better product was needed, I ran across a deal on Amazon for a Skip Hop Moby Bath Rinser. I checked the reviews, and they were substantial enough to give it a try. I got it for $6.00 that day when it usually comes to $10.00, and a few days later it arrived. We have since used it quite a few times, or at least we have tried. Here are my thoughts on it as a whole.

*This post does include some affiliate links. However, we do not suggest products that we don't believe in or haven't used.*