Mother's Day Gift Guide | The 10 Gifts Your Mom Really Wants

The Gifts Mom Really Wants A Mothers Day Gift Guide

It isn't always easy to find the perfect gift for your mom...the person who would do absolutely anything for you. We thought we could help you by putting together a list of items that your mother is sure to love!

1. Willow Tree Figurine

There are options for mother and baby, mother and daughter, mother and son, and more. These figurines are adorable and a keepsake for your mother to have forever!

2. Felt Letterboard

These are perfect for family update photos or sharing funny quotes! We have one hanging in our living room and we change the board's saying almost weekly! The current saying on our board is this: Most people want buns of steel, I just want sticky buns 

3. Breastmilk Jewelry

For the mother who is currently breastfeeding, this gift will be sure to be the highlight of her Mother's Day! You can get a DIY kit to make your own jewelry, or you can send a small amount of breastmilk to an artist who will make them a unique necklace or ring. How cool to be able to have a reminder of your breastfeeding journey to remember forever!

4. Baby Carrier

You know your wife has been eyeing that new baby carrier! Go ahead and splurge on that Sakura Bloom Ring Sling or Boba Wrap!

5. Meal Subscription Service

Why not order a month's worth of meals so that your wife or mom doesn't have to worry about grocery shopping or meal prepping for awhile?! This is the ultimate gift for moms who need a break from the kitchen!

6. A Day at the Spa

Every mom wants a chance to get away for a morning and relax by getting a massage and a pedicure right?! 

7. Apple Watch

For those who really want to impress their mothers, consider splurging on an Apple Watch. Not only do they allow your mother to check the time, but they can multitask by checking their texts and calls on the watch as well! Don't forget the extra accessories! 

8. A New Cookbook

Does your mom love to cook but is tired of making the same recipes over and over? Then a new cookbook would be perfect! Check out the new Magnolia Table Cookbook or one of the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks.

9. A Mom Shirt

Every mom deserves to be comfy in a new mom shirt! This one is just an easy gift for those who want to check it off, go grab one! 

10. Personalized Jewelry

Their children's birthstones on a charm bracelet, children's names stamped on stackable rings, or a necklace with their children's initials engraved on the back. All are great ideas and your wife or mother is sure to love them!

Of course on top of a gift, your mother will surely love it if you made her breakfast in bed! (Dad, help your kiddos make their mama breakfast in bed! Give your wife an extra hour to sleep in and spend some quality time with your kids in the kitchen!)

Here is a list of ideas that you gave us when we asked you what you would want for Mother's Day if you could pick your own gift:

-A nap
-A day at the spa
-A manicure & pedicure
-A special family outing
-A massage
-Brunch with your kids
-A shopping trip
-A dance class membership
-Professional house cleaning service
-A beach trip
-A movie ticket

What is the best Mother's Day gift you have ever given or received? What is your dream Mother's Day gift? Let us know in the comments below!

*This post does include some affiliate links. However, we do not suggest products that we don't believe in or haven't used.*