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Mom's Fave Five

By: Mariella Olano
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Once I had my son Adrian, I realized how many products there are on the market geared toward babies. There are so many things to try that it can be pretty exciting but it can also be overwhelming. When thinking about which products are my fave five, the criteria became, if lost or damaged, what would I repurchase? Though I enjoy many products, I have no problem trying something else out and easily replacing them but these are pretty much staples in my day to day life and I recommend they be staples in both yours and your baby’s life as well!

Fave #1 Cetaphil Baby Lotion

Can I just say I love this lotion?! This lotion was recommended by my pediatrician because my son regularly had dry skin, bumps, and just irritation. I was told to lather him up with this lotion twice a day. I mean my first impression was that it was “too thin” and thought it would not moisturize my son’s dry skin whatsoever. Well, I was wrong. It moisturizes it perfectly without leaving any residue. I use it all over his face and body and he has had no issues since I began using it. I do caution to be careful because it is yellow in color and can temporarily discolor any light clothing. Other than that, this is the perfect lotion for your little one.

Fave #2 Cetaphil Body Wash

Another Cetaphil product that I love is their wash. I began to use this because their lotion worked so well I thought, why not give it a try? (Especially since I hadn’t found a wash I really liked yet). It is just as amazing as their lotion! I use it liberally to wash my son’s hair and bathe him everyday single day without drying out his skin. His skin stays balanced and healthy looking and like the lotion, without leaving any residue on his hair or skin. It is hypoallergenic and free of parabens and mineral oil if your baby has sensitive skin like mine.

Fave #3 Nose Frida

My son is definitely a Frida baby! I saw the Nose Frida recommended a few times online and decided I needed it. My son, Adrian, had already gotten the sniffles a few times and the old school bulb aspirator was not cutting it! Now, a few people I have talked to about this product were grossed out when I told them that you basically suck on one end of a hose and suck your baby’s mucus out. Do not be disgusted! I promise no booger ever touches your lips. There is a filter that stops anything from going through. Let’s talk about how much more sanitary the Frida actually is though. Once you use it, you throw away the filter it comes with, and you can take it apart then clean it with rubbing alcohol. You cannot open a bulb aspirator without breaking it and as we have all seen, mold can grow inside after a while. It is also safer than the bulb because there is no pointy part that goes inside your little one’s nose. Instead, it is pressed against the outside part of the nostril and you put your mouth around the other tip and suck as hard as you can. Well hard enough to clean that little nose. Last, the Nose Frida is just plain more effective. Any other product I use right now is just second best.

Fave #4 Baby Bullet

So let’s take this to the kitchen a moment and talk about the Baby Bullet. The Baby Bullet is definitely a staple in my kitchen. If you are a mom who makes her own baby food like me, you need this. I just like how easy to use this product is and I definitely enjoy the baby having his own blender. If you have a small kitchen like I do, no worries, it's definitely compact enough to share a little corner with another appliance. It comes with plenty of storage items to store the individual portions or bigger batches. It also comes with a rubber batch storage for freezing and the rubber makes it easier to get out the individual servings you have frozen without having to unfreeze them all. I just cannot imagine my kitchen without it! Did I mention you get a nutrition guide with recipes for your babies? It is definitely a great purchase.

Fave #5 Aden by Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets

I love these blankets! If you live in warmer climates, these are the blankets for you. So many baby blankets are thick and hot. My son sweats a lot in his sleep, car seat or actually just in general. For this reason, I love these blankets. They are breathable for warmer weather but still keep my son warm indoors. The blankets are nice and soft with cute little designs. Unlike other baby blankets, they aren’t too stiff. Lastly, the blankets are very large. Overall, if you are looking for good blankets for your baby, these are the ones for you.

All of the products mentioned are great products that I thoroughly recommend. I would re-purchase them any day and for some, I have already repurchased them. Through all of the disappointing items and “why did I buy these” moments, these definitely stand out from the rest and I am sure they will be for you as well!
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