Mighty Nest | The Kitchen and Home Gift That Keeps On Giving

I might have a slight addiction to kitchen gadgets. That's why when a friend recommended Mighty Nest to me about a year ago, I signed up to receive the monthly surprise gift, the MightyFix, right away. The MightyFix is a subscription that sends you a surprise household item once a month and it's purpose is to make you and your home healthier and more eco-friendly. It ships free, and with your monthly MightyFix membership, you can choose to buy other items from their website and it will ship free with your monthly item. They have several great items on their website to choose from including, safe cleaning products, baby feeding items, and natural skin care products.

Mighty Nest Gives Back

When you shop on MightyNest or sign up for the MightyFix for only $10 a month, you can choose to have 15% of your purchase go toward your local school. How awesome is that!? So each month, you pay $10 for an item that retails for greater than $10, $1.50 of that goes to the school of your choosing, AND you get to make your household a little bit healthier! I love that I can pick the elementary school that my mom works at, (the school that Blake will eventually attend) and donate part of my purchase to them!

Things I have Received in My MightyFix


-Reuseable Wool Dryer Balls
Ever since I learned of the harmful chemicals that dryer sheets have in them, I have been using dryer balls when drying my clothes. The dryer balls I received in my MightyFix are so much better than the ones I had been using previously! They keep the static and wrinkles out of my clothes and it helps reduce the drying time. I add a few drops of pure lavender essential oil to the dryer balls and it gives my clothes a fresh scent.

**Try the MightyFix for only $3 with promo code DRYERFIX2018 and get 3 Dryer Balls as your first month**
Mighty Nest Bee's Wrap

-Bee's Wrap
Bee's wrap is a natural alternative to plastic wrap. I most often use it to wrap half of an avocado to keep it fresh until the next day. You can use if for bread, cheese, vegetables, or fruit. Really it can be used for anything except meat. You just take the sheet of bee's wrap and wrap it around the food you want to keep fresh and then seal it with the warmth of your hands. Once finished with it, you wash it with soap in cold water and fold it up to be stored until the next time you want to use it.

**Try the MightyFix for only $3 and get 2 sheets of Bee's Wrap for your first month with promo code BEESFIX2018**
Reusable Fruit Bags

-Reusable Produce Bags
These bags are a substitute for the plastic produce bags you get at the grocery store. You just have to remember to take them to the store with you, and you can skip using the disposable bags at the market. They are mesh, so you can easily see your produce through it and it allows for air flow to keep your fruits and veggies fresh. These bags are machine washable and ultra durable so that they are long-lasting.


Might Nest Organic Tidy Dish Cloths

-Organic Tidy Dish Cloths
These dish cloths are made of 100% organic cotton and make washing the dishes a whole lot easier! They are super soft and the textured loops make scrubbing the counter or dirty dishes a breeze! They are also super absorbent, which is a must when you have a 1 year old who is constantly making messes! Speaking of Blake, I love using these cloths to wipe her hands and face after mealtimes. They are much softer than normal dish rags and she tolerates being wiped down when using the tidy dish cloths!

These are just a few of the many things I have received in my MightyFix and I am looking forward to seeing what else I get in the months to come. 

Gift the Mightyfix

If you want to gift the MightyFix to someone other than yourself, it is a great gift idea for that person in your life who is striving to be more eco-friendly! Mighty Nest has three different options for gifting. 3 months for $30, 6 months for $60, or on sale for a short time right now- 12 months for $99!! This is such a great deal!!

Another way to use the MightyFix as a gift is that when you have the membership for yourself, you get monthly freebies to send to friends and family members! This is a great way for others to try out the MightFix with no obligations.

So, what do you say?! Why not join me in making healthy changes in your household?? Let me know in the comments if you have tried Mighty Nest before, and if so, what your favorite item is!

*This post does include some affiliate links. However, we do not suggest products that we don't believe in or haven't used.*