fridababy NailFrida Scissor Clippers Review

When your baby first came out of the womb their little baby fingers were the cutest things ever! Don't get me wrong, they still are cute two months later, but they now might have changed into tiny cute daggers. These dagger-like nails scratch their face, your face, your arms and everything in their path! So when it comes time to trimming their nails, you need a tool that can do it quickly and safely all at the same time. 

The Child's Nail Care Kit Built For Parents

Molly has routinely trimmed Blake's nails to keep them in tip-top shape, and these trimmers have provided a refreshing wave of smart tweaks to the process. Here are some of the sweet features this kit offers. 

Safety Spy Hole

 - This feature cuts down on cuts to the fingers because you can see what you are doing. If this were the only improvement over conventional trimmers, I'd give it an A. Cutting Blakey is my biggest fear in cutting nails! 

Curved Scissor Like Blades 

- This feature makes cutting more simple and perfectly tuned to cutting quickly and entirely. It allows for a much more quiet cut which is critical if you are cutting while the baby is asleep. 

Curved S-File Included

- This makes for easy filing of teeny tiny fingers and toes!

*Pro tip! This would be perfect to throw in your hospital bag when having a baby, as most hospitals don’t have nail clippers and nail files for you to use. Blake came out with a few hangnails and we could have definitely used this during our hospital stay!

Frida Baby Clippers Where To Find Them

So where can you find this fridababy set? You can see them all over! You can find them on their website shop, on Amazon and even in your local drug store. If you are looking for these little gems, they are likely a hop, skip, and a jump away.

We were compensated with free product for this evaluation, but we are honest. So trust us and try these out, it's a worthwhile investment to avoid bloody baby fingers and piercing screams!