Diaper Bag Essentials | The Top 9 Items I Always Have With Me

What we carry in our diaper bag parent blogger diaper bag essentials

One of the most common questions we see new moms ask is what is most important to carry in your diaper bag? I thought it might be helpful to list out what I think are the most essential things to have in your bag. 

1. Diapers and Wipes

This one is obvious if you have a little one still in diapers. But I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten one or the other and I need to make a pit stop at Target to grab either a pack of diapers or some wipes

2. Extra Outfit

Kids are messy! Having an extra change of clothes on hand is always needed. Whether it be a diaper blowout, or a messy lunch, you will always be glad you had extra clothes on hand! Don't forget an extra pair of socks too!!

3. Burp Cloth & Bib

These are especially important with a younger baby for obvious reasons. (Spit up and drool is what I was thinking if those reasons weren't obvious to you!) But I have found that these are great to have on hand for a one year old as well. You never know when a runny nose might start or when you have a mess to clean up. I love these burp cloths by Burt's Bees! And a bib comes in handy for impromptu lunch outings!

4. Books & Toys

It is crucial for us to have our diaper bag packed with entertainment. Toys and books come in handy for the car ride, for long waits at the doctor's office, and at restaurants while waiting on our food to arrive. Right now in our diaper bag, we have two of Blake's favorite board books, Spooky Old Tree and Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, as well as a set of plastic animals and her favorite baby doll. We rotate our books and toys almost weekly so that there is always something new to play with while we are on the go. 

5. First Aid Kit

This is important because cuts and scrapes are always likely to happen with a toddler. We have this mini first aid kit and it includes bandaids, butterfly closures, gauze, and cleansing wipes. I added my own pack of Arnica natural pain reliever and hand sanitizer. 

6. Water Bottles

Water is a definite priority for all three of us when we go out for the day. Blake loves her Tommee Tippee sippy cup and my current favorite is my personalized Tervis. Collin and I both also LOVE our Polar Bottles!

7. Snacks!

This one has an exclamation point because it might just be the most important! I do not want to get caught out and about for the whole day without some snacks for Blake! I will usually pack a mini mason jar full of fresh fruit, plus, I always have some of Blake's favorite Earth's Best organic packets or granola bars. 

8. Mom Essentials

I always make sure I have what I need for the day in the diaper bag as well. This includes my wallet, keys, cell phone, lip balm, etc. When Blake was a newborn, I would typically pack myself an extra shirt as well, just in case she spit up on me!

9. Baby Carrier

Whether it's my Ergo, my Boba wrap, or one of my Sakura Bloom ring slings, I always make sure I have a baby carrier in my diaper bag. Blake is in the stage where she wants to walk everywhere, but sometimes, like in the grocery store, it is just not feasible for her to walk the whole time and she never lasts more than 5-10 minutes in the cart. This is where my carriers become the biggest life saver! 

What are your diaper bag essentials?! Let me know in the comments!

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