Children's On The Go Travel Tray Review | Reduce Spills In The Car!

Travel Tray

The My Travel Tray 

We connected with My Travel Tray on Instagram and instantly knew that we'd love to try out their trays. I have told Molly for years that there needs to be something on the market that solved the problem of where to put small objects, such as snacks for kids, keys, change and more in the car. And while I believe there have been iterations of these items on the market before, there hasn't been anything like this to my knowledge. Our Rav4 even has some great built-in pockets, but they are still not perfectly built for these needs we encounter daily.

The big thing I have always emphasized to Molly is the need for a sauce spot that won't slide around and dump everywhere in the car. (Yup, I know this makes me fit the fat kid description.) The specific situation that brings up this need every time is when I get Chick-fil-A fries and want to dip them in my Polynesian sauce, but don't want to hold the sauce and fries and drive all at the same time. So in comes this sweet on-the-go tray for the win! And not just for sauce holding.

Why we like the travel tray as parents

The travel tray meets my expectations wholeheartedly. I just mentioned above that there needed to be a sauce option and it holds sauce, breakfast bars, wallets, drinks, and much more with ease. It feels like when I add it to the cup holder, the space I need in the car is doubled! I would say it hits all my marks for what a good car tray should be. 

Another aspect that I love is that they have a broad variety of colors to pick from. A lot of times there are just girly colors, or just plain colors, but they have a full line of over 10 colors to pick from. So we have a teal one in front and a pink one in the back of the car with Blakey. 

Why we like the travel tray for our baby girl

Specifically for Blake, this tray is a fantastic expansion of the typical car seat cupholder. Typically when we give Blake a snack in the car, we have either had to provide her with a bowl or have her hold the snack by itself. This often ends with food spilled everywhere. Now with the tray, she can keep her snack in the tray for safekeeping, and it doesn't get all over the seat quite as much. It still does a bit, but just not as much. And the tray is top rack dishwasher washable which is fantastic! So it provides a better platform and is much more user-friendly than the alternatives which require a ton of cleaning. 

What is something this car seat tray could improve on?

We have used it and loved it, but there is one part of it that would be nice to have improved. It's the size of the cup holder part. I understand that they don't have a lot of wiggle room here, only about half of our bottles fit just right in this spot. But it's not a huge issue, it's just something you need to know as it trades one functionality for another! 

The specs, where to buy, and the price

So there you have it, a sweet kids and parents car tray that has a ton going for it and only a few downsides. So now you want to know the deets. Well, the tray is .6 lbs in weight, 6.5 x 6.5 x 3 inches in size and $14.99 for one tray + shipping. But they do offer a sweet deal for two trays at $27.99 and free shipping. We personally like having two because we can have one and Blakey can have one. If you're interested in buying one, you can head here to check them out further. 

Let us know in the comments what you think of this travel tray and if you've seen other similar products that may do the job even better!

*Yes, we did receive two trays in exchange for a bit of promotion on our site. However, the opinions are all ours and we were not told what to say*