Children's Electric Car Buying Guide | 4 Ride On Vehicles To Get You Started

Dad here! I have looked at these fun little cars from day 1 of finding out we had Blakey on the way. I think it's the little boy in me that makes me want to get one and probably try to ride it myself. And I understand that it makes me little kiddish, but let's embrace that for the moment! Am I right guys? 

So I wanted to pull this buying guide together to get you started on your search and also to help me evaluate the market for these little vehicles. So I'll be looking at the reviews, the features, the safety and more of each of these eight vehicles to help both of us buy the right vehicle for our kiddos. Follow along with me and learn more about the world of electric ride on cars for kids. 

First up and one that I've been looking at for a while. 

The Peg Perego Ground Tractor and Trailer

The reason it catches my eye: The main reason this tractor combo caught my eye is that Blake's Grandpa and Great Grandpa have tractors and a farm. Knowing how much Blake loves to mimic the fun things she sees I think she'd enjoy the activity of not only riding the tractor but also learning how to work while doing so. I love that it offers the ability for her to both have fun and be educated. 

What the reviews say (Rated 4.5 out of 5):

The reviews are high on this combo. I have highlighted the main pros and the main cons that I found in the reviews. 

- Get many compliments on how "real" it looks
- Assembly was straightforward
- Unboxing was easy
- Charge holds for a long time 

- You have to take the steering wheel off to change the battery
- Second gear drains the battery
- Made from "cheap" plastic

Pro Tip: Buy a second battery to ensure endless fun! 

The notable tractor and trailer features:

- FM radio
- Traction wheels
- Large attachable trailer
- Adjustable seat

Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On

The reason it catches my eye: This one caught my eye the same as the Ford Truck below. Because for some reason a big truck is just awesome! And a little big rig for a toddler might be the coolest. If it had spinning rims, I might have clicked the buy now button as I checked it out. 

What the reviews say (Rated 4.0 out of 5):

- A+ customer service
- The charger is easy to use and plug-in

- Doors are hard to close and open
- Assembly is tough 

The notable Rollplay GMC Denali  features:

- 2 Doors the open and 2 Seats! 
- Battery life indicator
- Tires with rubber traction
- Play your music with an MP3 aux jack
- Real headlights

Rollplay Chevy Tahoe Police SUV

The reason it catches my eye: Well duh! If it isn't self-explanatory, it caught my eye with it's flashing lights. What little boy and some little girls wouldn't want this awesome ride on police SUV! As a little kid, I remember seeing police cars, dump trucks, construction vehicles and many more moving vehicles that were super cool. So being able to ride to the rescue in this sporty cop car would be a dream come true. 

What the reviews say (Rated 4.0 out of 5):

- Easy to assemble
- Some rubber on tires to help with grip
- Rides well on grass and pavement

- 8-12 hours to charge the battery
- Only one rider
- Doesn't do the best on gravel

The notable police SUV features:

- It goes 2.5 miles per hour in both directions
- Phone connection to play music
- Storage compartment
- Battery life indicator with a 2-hour battery life
- Real sirens and flashing lights
- Built-in loudspeaker

Uenjoy Kids Electric Power Wheels 12V Ride on Cars with Remote Control 2 Speed Pink

The reason it catches my eye: This sweet little rig caught my eye because, well, I have an adorable daughter! And she loves all things pink in the world, so she probably would like a little pink ride on Jeep looking car, right? Plus this one stood out big time for me because it comes with a parent remote control. For these little electric ride-on cars that are priceless for a parent with a bit too young of a child. She'd likely ride it at our house, and I want to be sure she can't get too close to the road. The remote control would be perfect for making sure that doesn't happen!

What the reviews say (4 out of 5 stars): 

- This model is indeed for one or two riders. It has a wide seat, with seat belts for 2. And the steering wheel is on the left.
- A ton of fun
- Very solid toy 

- Not fun to put together
- No instructions
- 1-3 hours assembly

The notable electric power wheels features:

- 2 Forward speeds, 2 backward speeds
- Bluetooth remote control option
- Connect your phone via USB to jam to the tunes
- Equipped with suspension
- 2 seats and 2 seatbelts