Bumble Ball/Chuckle Ball Evaluation and Review | The Motorized Ball That Won Christmas 

Well, this is the exciting story of a small motorized ball that lit up Christmas. That sentence might hype this a bit too much, but it certainly doesn't even do justice to how much fun this little Chuckle Ball brought to our last Christmas event.

We headed out to our last Christmas event a few days after Christmas and were excited to wrap up the Christmas season spent with family.  We sat around the Christmas tree that night opening present after present. Blake was starting to get tired and a little fussy, but she was still persevering through the present opening like a champ. We got to the last few gifts, and when Blake opened this one, we knew we needed to unbox it asap for her. It was the Chuckle Ball! They market it as a sensory developmental toy for kids, but actually is a vibrating fun ball that makes a fun noise and is an absolute blast! 

Blakey and her cousin both got one, and we took them into the kitchen to play with them right away. Now that was a boatload of fun! Two motorized Chuckle Balls were rolling around with two happy babies, and everyone pulled out their phones to capture the moment. 

So as far as being a sensory development toy that vibrates, it hits all its quality and description points reasonably well. The version we received is actually the Chuckle Ball that has a bit more technical design than the actual Bumble Ball. The Chuckle Ball has little characters for its nubs and is a bit more kid friendly, but not much more than the original that you probably played with as a kid. The Chuckle Ball, because of it's little characters, is also straightforward to grip, whereas the older version only had smooth and flat nubs that might have been trickier to grasp. The one thing to watch for as your child plays with it is that it is susceptible to motion, so if it's in your child's nursery and you lay them down for a nap and accidentally bump the ball, it will go off, and it is not quiet.

So don't go another day without a fun motorized Bumble Ball/Chuckle Ball in your life. It won't dissapoint! 

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