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Basic Invite - A Quality Print Service For Any Family Event Invite Needs

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So we are often hunting the internet for fresh things to try out and neat new things to share with others! Basic Invite struck us as a very cool looking brand. So we wanted to give you a little run down about what makes them unique and why you might want to check them out too.

Some of Their Unique Services

- Pretty much UNLIMITED print colors! They pre-design most of the cards, but you can pick all the elements and each one you can color with your own personal color. So boy/girl/man/woman will be happy! Don't get stuck with a color you don't like. UGH!

-Physical/Custom samples. Basic Invite sets themselves apart by offering this so easily. You'll be able to hold a physical copy and review it before you complete the order. This is a must-have an aspect for those who are quality oriented (Most of us, am I right?)

- Tons of envelope colors! Yep, many print services online only have 5-10 colors, but they have over 40 colors to choose from. So whether it's a little girsl birthday or a grandpas retirement. Color says a lot so this allows you to speak volumes with your event invites!

- Now, this is COOL! An address capture service that allows you to share a link with your friends and family to get their address info from them. In a super digital world, this can be a real time saver!

The Things We Thought Were Coolest!

Their Kids MadLibs Card - A downloadable/printable card for baby showers, pre-kids events and such. How fun to have these cards to remember people's predictions about your kiddo to be.

Their Toddler Party Invitations - We loved the massive collection they had here. We were looking for a cool invite for Blakey's upcoming 2nd birthday and whether we went with a Flamingo theme or a princess theme or even a military theme we'd have an easy time of finding what we needed fast.

Their Super User-Friendly Design Editor - This is something I very much appreciated. As a marketing manager in my current job, I value user experience. This is a big win on Basic invite's site. Once you choose the invite you want they have an amazingly simple approach to customizing it in every way to you and then checking out (Screenshot below because it looks so cool!

Basic Invite Customization System

So to sum up - Basic invite wins big when it comes to ease of use and getting the right invite made fast! If you're looking for any family event then this is the place to check out first. They offer a quality experience, a quality product and much more. Try them out!

Yep, this was a sponsored post. But, we have to put food on the table right? FAMILY FIRST. But we write our own stuff and shoot straight with you. If it looked lame, we'd call it lame! Even if they paid us!