Baby Birth & Baby Shower Gift Idea | The Lily + Piper Box Review

It happens yearly, monthly, and weekly for me and Molly. The dreaded, yet exciting time of picking out gifts. I feel like it's an endless circle where we try and think of ideas and never find the right ones for the right price. Some people are good at this, and sadly, I am not one of those people. I always tend to overthink about whether or not the gift reciever will like the item. After I buy gifts or as I am buying gifts, I always think to myself, "Boy oh boy, if I were rich I'd be the best gift giver." Then I think to myself, "Better get creative because you'll certainly never be rich." And this is the endless cycle of the challenges that come along with gift giving. 

Giving gifts to parents and babies

All that said, giving gifts is one of the best feelings and the most fun things to do for other people. The opportunity to express your love for others in this way is rewarding in many ways. So now to focus in on the topic at hand, a great idea we've found for baby shower and new baby gifts, because we all need a bit of inspiration now and then, right?

My and Molly’s gift budget for baby showers and baby births is typically right around $50. We try to focus more on finding the perfect gift though because the ideal fitting gift can have far more meaning than the most expensive gift. In comes Lily + Piper Box, we always keep our eyes out for unique and excellent products, and when we came across Lily + Piper we were excited! They seemed like a personal assistant for gift giving. They put together excellent choices and curate these unique sets, so we only have to pick the collection that fits best for the gift receiver, genius! 

The Harper Lily + Piper Box Review

Let’s go through the box we received, and we'll tell you what was in it, what we like about it, and more. 

Two Black and White Patterned Drool Cloths/Bibs 

These are two well-made and beautiful bibs. They are made of a fleece feeling cotton material with a double snap closure in the back. One of the big differentiators of these is the feel of them. When you pick them up, they just feel like they have been made with care and attention to detail. Plus there are two of them so that you can throw one in the wash while the other one is in use. The patterns on them are an owl pattern and a line based pattern. Very cute and on-trend.

One Pair of Gold, Soft Soled Moccasins

These crib sized moccasins are some of the cutest we've seen. Our daughter loves moccasin style shoes, and as a parent and more specifically a dad that is bad at putting on shoes, this is a great gift idea for a new baby as they are easy to slide on. They are made of soft gold material and have an incredibly plush insole to snuggle the baby's feet. 

Three Blue, White, and Gray Nylon Headbands 

These were probably the winner in my book of the gift box. When Blake was in her first few months, we tried our best to find headbands that didn't cut into her head too much and that offered a solid amount of give in them. And honestly, it was hard to find any that were built to flex that much. So this set of three headbands is terrific when it comes to that, they are incredibly soft, and have a ton of give in them that I wish I would have had when Blake was born. Either way though, she'll wear them now and love them. Plus we love them for how stinking adorable they are.

Gray Silicone Teether

The teether was a cute add-on as well. It's soft, very resilient and BPA free, which is very important in gift giving! Another cool feature of the teether is that it is dishwasher safe. Who knows how many germs get on a drool covered teether? Being able just to throw it in the dishwasher is an excellent perk.

The price, the specs, where to buy this excellent shower and birth gift

To sum this post up we wanted to share with you the deets of where you can find Lily Piper Box, how much you can get it for and more. So to start, you can find them on their website here, on their facebook page here and their Instagram page here. Give them a follow! 

Then head directly to their website, where you can find a ton of their gift boxes for sale. They range in price right above and right below $50 which makes them a steal of a deal for such a beautifully packaged gift. And they also have the luxury offering of selling their products from the boxes in single sets, so if you love one part of a box, but not another, then make your own impressive box set!

So that's that, a beautiful gift idea for your next baby shower or new baby arrival! So what are your favorite gifts to give? Where can we find them?! Comment below!