A Dad Answers Frequently Asked Baby Registry Questions | What Are Baby Registry Must Haves?

A Dad Answers Frequently Asked Baby Registry Questions | What Are Baby Registry Must Haves?

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Alrighty, since it's dad, AKA Collin here, I'm going to try and be both helpful and truthful from my perspective. Also, I actually and VERY secretly loved the process of registering. You go to the counter, ask for the scanner, and get to run around the store and build your hopes and dreams by scanning all the things! How could this not be the coolest experience ever? So over the next nine blogs in this series, I am going to help answer these questions from a dad's perspective. To give some backstory, we have a 13-month-old girl at home at this time, and the baby registry process is still relatively fresh on my mind. 

My Three Baby Registry Must Haves

So you usually hear jokes about what guys would register for if they had their way. Maybe a stereo system, to soothe the baby of course, or possibly a new tv for entertaining the baby of course! Beyond these usual jokes are a few necessities that I believe are a must have when registering for the new baby. Here they are in list fashion:

1. A neat and manly diaper bag. This is because no guy wants to carry a pink shoulder bag with fluffy edging for their wife. BUT, a guy may be willing to be the man who has a cool Columbia backpack diaper bag. Cool is relative here; it's not 100% cool, but as close as possible! Check out the specific version we use here, we also do have more girly versions, but this is the one I like best! 

2. A baby wearing device for both man and wife. Some baby wearing slings or packs are light, fluffy, airy, pink, and uncomfortable. So look at that list, match up the sling you have in your online shopping cart and then adjust accordingly. I helped my wife pick our favorite carrier out because I thought I'd be more likely to use it. Here are the three ones I am willing to wear. The first is the Jeep front carrier (I believe these have been discontinued), the second is the Sakura Bloom Scout in the Granite color, and the third is the Ergo Baby 360. All black or gray, all comfortable and worth your time if you want your man carrying your baby more often. Side note, I don't mind other carriers, but the three above I like because they are simple and semi-manly. 

3. A rad travel system that is simple to use and switch in and out of cars. Once the baby is in the car for the first time, you'll be the most cautious driver ever if you care! The drive home from the hospital I followed every driving law to the letter. I have swayed back a bit since then, but either way, I still drive more carefully because of my baby in the back seat. So logically you need an epic system for travel with your baby, something that is comfortable, simple and flexible. So we chose the Chicco Bravo Travel System for our first car seat system and have loved it. It has a base, seat, and stroller that work incredibly well together. It has quite a bit benefits it offers, but I'll leave that for another blog. Also, if you missed it, check out our recent post regarding mom's favorite car seats!  

So there you have it. My three picks for the registry items you must have. So it's simple now. Head over to your registry and add them to it! you'll be happy you did! And if you can't add them via your normal registration tool, check out Babylist! 

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