6 of Our Favorite Children’s Touch and Feel Books

6 of our favorite touch and feel books

We all love books, right? Well, the Guernsey family may like them just a bit too much. When Molly was pregnant with Blake, all we asked for was the necessities and... books! Lots and lots of them. We asked for books instead of cards at the baby showers. And everyone around us knew we wanted more books on the shelf for our little soon-to-be-born baby. And we got tons, which is excellent because reading to baby helps them learn so much in our big world. My mom is also a librarian, so she has a big love for books which we as a family inherited. 

That brings to mind a fun idea my mom did for us while Molly was pregnant. She gave us a little book that went along with the season or something special about that month of pregnancy and wrote short notes to Blakey in them. We loved it, and we know as Blakey learns to understand it down the road, she will too! Books are fantastic, so we are going to start sharing with you some collections of our kid/baby books that we love the most. This week we want to highlight 6 of our favorite touch and feel books. 

Our daughter's favorite books for a while now have been either touch and feel books or lift the flap books. She loves to discover new ways to interact with books beyond just listening, and these two methods are straightforward for her to understand and enjoy. So without further chit-chat, here are our current favorite 6! 

At The Zoo | Bright Baby Touch and Feel 

This book is great! It has only four different touch styles to interact with, but they are all accurately textured (Something that must be considered in a top quality touch and feel book!) Also this is a favorite for us because we love going to the zoo. It probably ranks #1 in things we like to do with Blake on a perfect weather day. (Side note, we go to the Cincinnati Zoo, and it is one of the top-ranked zoos in the nation, try it out!)

Curious George At The Zoo | A PBS Touch and Feel Book 

As a young boy growing up, Curious George was one of my favorite books and series to follow. I distinctly remember the man with the yellow hat, and as I read the books to Blake, it takes me back to my childhood. This book is a favorite because Blake just loves it. She picks it off the shelf and interacts with each page. Some touch and feel books have pages that don't feel as interactive as others, and this one does great with having each page be interactive.  It has five different touch styles to interact with, and the one that is most impressive is the basket, it's very accurate to the touch which is essential!

Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy | A Touch, Skritch, & Tickle Book By Sandra Boynton

This book has got to be almost #1 on the list for excellent touch and feel books. It's fun, funny and adorable. It has six textures to learn from and play around with and the words on the pages essentially saying precisely what the child would feel on the next page. This is also the book where Blake likes to explore the fuzziness with her face. As we read, she puts the 'fuzzy fuzzy' against her cheek and smiles with delight. 

Baby Touch and Feel Animals | By DK Books 

This book, as well as the next, are two other top favorites because they are so animal based. Baby Touch and Feel Animals has a whopping 13 textures to feel, which is incredible for such a small book. Not all the textures are of the animals themselves though which is a bit of a bummer; overall it makes for a lot of fun to flip through for Blake. She especially loves how the puppy and the rabbit feel. She also loves the fish because she's had a love for fish since the day her aunts were babysitting and brought her home with a pet goldfish! 

Touch and Feel Farm | By DK Books 

This book is a bit more similar to the baby touch and feel animals book than I'd like, but it is nice that it is themed to the farm. There are only six textures in this book, but there are two outstanding features of the book that I like. The first is that the surfaces are more substantial than the average book meaning that you can feel each one a bit better. Blake loves to drag her finger across them, and this makes it easier for her to take it all in. The second thing I like about this one is that the wording tells the reader what to do. "Feel the soft, fluffy chicks" and so on. A good book overall! 

Curious George - Curious About Christmas | By Curious Baby

As I mentioned above, Curious George holds a special place in my heart. But this book holds two unique parts of my heart, George and... CHRISTMAS! My favorite time of year. So although Christmas has come and gone, this book is still a favorite for Blakey and us. With nine textures in total, they went a bit further with this than the "At the Zoo" version, and they did an excellent job with matching the textures to what the actual feel should be like. They even used ribbed cardboard for the sled feel which was impressively similar. 

Can you tell we love books yet? Stay tuned over the year to catch more fun themes of the books in our library. We will always be adding more the bunch. Stay reading everyone!

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