5 Fun Ways To Do Yoga With Your Child

By Eva Forde

Yoga does more than create stronger bodies and minds: exercising with family can also create

stronger bonds. Since this ancient practice is one that can be done by just about anyone of any

age, yoga is a perfect family activity to do with your child or children.

What are you waiting for? Here are five fun ways to do yoga with your kids.

1. Do yoga at the park

I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love going to the park. Running, jumping, climbing, swinging

and generally playing reign supreme at this family place -- and now, so can yoga. You don’t

have to tear your kids away from the seesaw and force them into downward dog: yoga should

always be entered into voluntarily, otherwise, the calming, rejuvenating benefits of this practice

are lost. However, when it’s time to go, do a quick five minute stretch session with your wee

ones to help calm them down and transition them to the next activity, be it lunch time, nap time

or just home time.

2. Do yoga before bed

Bedtime can be a struggle around many homes. Unlike mothers and fathers, not too many kids

are ready to hit the hay at a moments notice -- especially if they’ve been glued to a screen for

the last hour. Help transition them mentally and bodily to sleep with some relaxing, yin yoga. Yin

yoga focuses less on maintaining strength based poses and more on sustaining mental

calmness and breath. This makes it the perfect segway to sleepy-town. 5-10 minutes is often

enough. Be sure to do it with them! This connection with you will help give them that comforting

reassurance they need before turning in for the night.

3. Do yoga before school

Anyone who’s ever tried to rush a kid out the door to school knows how hectic mornings can be.

(Seriously: how long can it possibly take to eat a piece of toast?) Unfortunately, sending our

children to school harried and hurried can lead to anxiety that lasts all day, and distracts them

from what really matters: learning. Schedule time to do a little yoga before the walk or

ride to school. Again, 5-10 minutes is enough, and it will help them centre and focus for the day


4. Do yoga on road trips

Road trips with your child always seem like a great idea — and they are — but they can also

be super, super exhausting. No one does well cramped up in close quarters for hours at a time.

Instead of stopping at a gas station to load up on sugar for the kids (and caffeine for you!),

instead, do an energizing yoga flow. Unlike sugar or coffee, yoga will

keep your energy up for longer, with no crash. What’s not to love?

5. Do yoga in a class

We’re often running our kids around to activities for them: sports, dance, clubs — whatever. It

can be hectic. Hectic, and the kids are really the only ones getting anything out of it. Make yoga

a family affair. Sign everyone up with a studio (or, for a budget friendly option, schedule time to

do a class together via Youtube) and commit to reaping the rewards of this body strengthening,

mind expanding form of exercise.

You know we can all benefit from as much activity as possible, so don’t put the health of your

kids (or yourself) on the back burner. Get everyone excited about this new fitness adventure. Go

shopping for yoga duds together. Grab some sweet yoga tops and bottoms. Grab a fun and

colorful yoga mat. You don’t want to skimp on quality when it comes to your health. Make the

time. Make the commitment. Make the investment in the well-being of your whole family!

About the Author: Eva Forde is a blogger and freelance writer covering topics related to lifestyle, fitness, fashion, and travel. Eva loves sushi and carbonara, and during her free time she enjoys working out, shopping, and cooking. She believes you have what it takes to live a good life.