50+ Moms Share Their Opinions On Baby Clothes

50 + Moms share their opinions on baby clothes

We have loved continuing our Parent Poll Friday on Instagram. The answers are helpful for us and interesting! Being a parent isn't always easy, but having a community that pitches in, helps! As many have said before, it takes a village. 

See our last round-up of answers here! 

So here are the answers from last week's Parent Poll Friday on the topic of baby clothes! 

WE ASKED: Organic Material or Doesn't matter? 

You answered: 16 votes for all organic, 19 votes for what is organic?

WE ASKED: Box Store or Boutique? 

You answered: 24 votes for love the box, 17 votes for boutique

WE ASKED: T-shirts or Onesies? 

You answered: 20 votes for t-shirts, 37 votes for onesies

WE ASKED: Shoes or Shoeless?

You answered: 24 votes for shoes, 32 votes for shoeless

WE ASKED: Socks or No Socks? 

You answered: 31 votes for socks, 22 votes for no socks

WE ASKED: Footed Sleepers or Footless PJs?

You answered: 40 votes for footed, 19 votes for footless

WE ASKED: Headbands or Nah? 

You answered: 30 votes for headbands, 22 votes for nah

WE ASKED: Vest or coat?

You answered: 14 votes for vest life, 38 votes for coat

WE ASKED: Hand Me Downs? 

You answered: 47 votes for yes please, 8 votes for no yuck

WE ASKED: Secondhand Stores?

You answered: 39 Votes for Duh!, 17 Votes for ICK!

WE ASKED: Do you buy full outfits or mix and match? 

You answered: 21 votes for full outfit, 35 votes for mix and match

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