Organic Throat Soothing Pops For Kids | Lolleez Pops

So here is the scenario. Your child has a cough or a dry throat. You've tried water, you've even been attempting medicines, but the cough is painful and persistent. 

Lolleez is up for the challenge and knocks it out of the park. 

Lolleez has created what they call a 'pop' to help! We call it a super device with soothing powers. Let us just take a moment to list off the impressive parts of this little gem. 

- They are USDA approved Organic! Cool huh?
- They have three different flavors. (Watermelon, Strawberry and Orange Mango) 
- They are made with Non-GMO Ingredients
- They are gluten-free! 
- They are flat = less choking hazard! 
- They are a small business, we love supporting these type of people instead of always going big box! 
- They are dairy free! 
- They are nut free! 

If your child has a cough, strep, dry throat or merely wants something flavorful to wet their appetite, then this might be a good option, and they are awesomely delicious! 

Buy them here!

Comment below if you have tried these! Something to mention is that they are noted for children 3 and above. 

*We did include affiliate links in this post because we believe this is an awesome product, we've tried it and we gotta eat!*