A Dad Answers Frequently Asked Baby Registry Questions | How Do I Start a Baby Registry at Target? And Why Should I Do It At Target?

Target Baby Registry How do I start one and why should I use them for my registry?

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Okay, so this is what every future parent is asking, right? "How do I start a baby registry at Target," you say? Well, here is the low down on the steps you need to take to begin your baller baby registry and why you might want to do it at Target. Because why not do it at Target? They have Chip and Joanna's goods, they have Starbucks, they have delicious soft pretzels, they've got it all! So here is our guide to all that you may want to know about the Target Baby Registry Process. 

Side note: Some things may change over time at Target, and if we hear about them from you, we'll update the blog for everyone to know! So comment any tips, tricks, or updates below! 

How do I find my mama friend's registry on Target so I can buy them all the things?

So, how can you find other individuals registries on Target? It's easy! Just click this link, and you'll be able to type in their name to quickly find any registry they have. They also have a great advanced search option to narrow it down if the name you are searching for is common. 

Target Baby Registry

What are the best ways to register for a Target Baby Registry?

There are two ways to do it, and they both integrate with each other. So the first way is online, you can log in and create a baby registry at this portal and then go through and pick out registry items on the website. This is a straightforward method and simple to get started, the only downside that my wife and I encountered by going this path, was that we saw so many cool things online that weren't in the store. And we wanted it to be simple for people to go through the checkout process and easy for them to grab items in store for us (I promise we weren't trying to be selfish, just efficient!). 

That leads to the second way. You can go right into your local Target store and find the kiosks located near the entrance, these and the customer service desk will be your ticket to registry heaven. You can go to these kiosks and sign-up, then head over to the customer service desk and get your scanner or use the app. Then the fun begins! You can run wild in the store then, scanning everything your heart desires. But be careful to only scan an appropriate amount of baby things. 900 items on your registry aren't common, or considerate, so think about what you need, and maybe a few wants! Then go to town with your little red scanner, they even have an app you can use as a scanner too. So both you and your husband/wife can run rampant scanning the whole store!

So what are the unique benefits of using Target for your baby registry? Let's list them! 

  • You get an excellent baby registry welcome kit! This kit includes samples and coupons worth over $50 total. We loved ours and used the majority of it. 
  • They have a 1-year return plan, and you can use your registry as the receipt. Here is their exact wording: "You have up to one year after your event date to return most new, unopened items at your Target store using your Gifts Purchased List from your Target registry."
  • They offer a 15% discount on anything left in your registry after all is said and done.
  • They provide a universal registry option which allows you not only to add items from Target but to add them from other websites as well. This means you could keep everything under one roof which significantly simplifies life as you prepare for a newborn. 
  • They track who buys things and whether or not you've sent thank you notes and more, just another simplification to the complicated process of getting ready for baby. 
  • If you have further expensive items, they also offer group gifting so people can go in together to buy things off the registry.

So all that information said, it's time to get your baby registry on! Get out there and scan together, consider it a date night, and one you'll get very used to, because shopping at Target in our world is a norm when it comes to date nights and getting out of the house.